Instagram – what to do and what not to do…

I use and love Instagram. My Instagram page is gaining new followers everyday. It’s not as fast as I would like, but it is steady and the new users are sticking around. Like most of us, I’ve tried different strategies for building up my following and I’m going to share with you what worked and, […]

Raw Converter Shootout Part #3 – Noise Removal

Noise removal is a key step in image processing and all the converters we are testing have at least one method for doing so. This test will see how well they perform. For the previous entry in this series, which tests initial sharpening, click here… What’s being tested? The converters being tested are: Adobe Lightroom […]

Raw Converter Shootout Part #2 – Sharpening

For part #1 click here. This is part #2 of a series of posts regarding RAW image converters and their performance. What’s being tested? The converters being tested are: Adobe Lightroom DXO Photo Lab (Elite Version) Luminar Exposure X3 Photolemur Smart Photo Editor The test image: The test This part of the test looks at […]

Raw Converter Shootout Part #1

Conversion Speed and Initial Results

Introduction Most cameras, and even phones, provide the option to shoot RAW images, rather than JPEGs. There are many advantages to this: Significantly increased ‘bit depth’ that allows for far more image processing afterwards. Better dynamic range with the ability to correct exposure (to some degree, at least) Ability to adjust White Balance The ability […]

Lens tests – and why you should (usually) ignore them

This is part one of a series of articles concerning lens tests and performance… Lens tests! The Internet is littered with them. I’ve even done some. Photography magazines regularly feature them. Photographers ponder their contents and base purchasing decisions on them. But here’s a truth – in general lens tests are of limited value and […]

Photolemur: the Automatic Image Processor – Review

Photolemur – Too Good To Be True? Photolemur is a fully automatic batch image processor, working with most image file types and RAW formats. Is it too good to be true? Find out below… Batch processing Let’s face it, image processing takes time. Often, too much time. So software tools add batch processing and presets to […]

Canon ef-m 28mm Macro IS STM Lens Review

A tiny macro lens – but does it deliver? Overview This macro lens is designed for use with the Canon M series of cameras. It will not work with Canon EOS DSLRs. EF-M 28MM F3.5 Macro Review Pros Genuine macro lens Super macro setting Built in LED semi-ring lights Lightweight Small Superb image quality Excellent […]

Canon EOS M Adapter Review

Use ANY EF and EF-S lens on your Canon M system camera

Here’s my review of the EOS M Adapter. Pros Build quality Detachable tripod mount Enables the use of any EOS lens on an EOS M camera Cons Expensive Limitations It can’t change the laws of physics – many EOS lenses aren’t ideal matches to the M cameras due to their size Auto-focus on the M […]

Hello photography world!

Hello Blogworld I thought it was time to start publishing some articles, reviews and photography news. So stay tuned – they’ll be lots of good stuff here soon!