Adobe Alternatives-Photo Software for 2019/2020

I like Adobe’s products. But I don’t like their subscription model. Based on making many tests I think other, non Adobe, software is better. Here are my recommendations. Photoshop Alternative There is only one serious candidate for this: Affinity Photo. At less than £50 Affinity is cheaper than Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paintshop Pro and it […]

Topaz DeNoise AI – How Good Is It?

Topaz AI Clear has long been one of my favourite ‘image finishers’ – it performs two excellent operations: it removes any noise and it clarifies and sharpens the image. Despite the new DeNoise AI, I’ve continue to use AI Clear (part of the Topaz Studio suite). Today, I compared DeNoise AI with AI Clear, to […]

Topaz Labs 25% Off Sale

Topaz Labs are offering 25% off their products from now up to Friday 27th December 2019. I’m a huge fan of their products and I publish no photo without it being processed with at least one of their tools. Read my reviews and see the examples: Gigapixel AI Sharpen AI JPEG To RAW Mask AI […]


Recommended software

Image Resizing

The best image resize program is Topaz A.I.Gigapixel

Image sharpening & noise reduction

Topaz A.I.Sharpen can not only sharpen images but correct slightly out of focus and blurred images.

Topaz A.I.Clear both sharpens and removes noise. It is the best noise reduction program around.

Photoshop and Lightroom Alternatives

Exposure X4 is the best alternative to Lightroom as far as image browsing and management goes. It is also a decent RAW converter and image editor.

Affinity Photo is the complete Photoshop replacement.

RAW Development

Skylum Luminar is a full featured RAW converter with a basic image browser. Its shadow recovery is the best in the business.

Photolemur is an automatic RAW converter, based on Luminar. Its results are very decent with facial detection and enhancement.

Photo Ninja is a purists RAW converter. It is not as fully featured as the others but it produces some of the best results, especially if you are prepared to build camera profiles.

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