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  3. I’ve been using this software in past versions for three years. It certainly makes my workflow quick. It’s easy to load and manage images. Having never used LR except for trial periods I can’t honestly say how beneficial it is but the key advantage for me is that it simply uses your saved files and doesn’t copy etc. I also like that if you delete them they also come off your computers drive. Just paid £52 for upgrade. That per year is cheap as chips. Love it. I feel I missed the Adobe boat years ago and I am glad in a way. Just to add I shoot fuji raw. I’m thinking of moving over to canon eos r so any views on this software with canon raw from eos r would be much appreciated

    • AndyBell

      It process EOS RP RAW files very well, so should be good with the EOS R.

      I found it does better if you supply it with a set of custom camera profiles (built using something like X-Rite colour checker) – the colours are much richer if you do.

      Then again, Luminar 4 is better. But it is the best RAW converter imho. I’d rate Luminar, then DXO & Photo Ninja as equal second and then Exposure X5 when assessing RAW converters.

      All are better than Lightroom imho.

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