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My new products

I’ve recently revamped the photo sections of my website –  in addition to reviewing photographic tools and software, I use them to produce photographs and offer these for sale. It’s been a challenge to find the right set of products to sell and to produce them at the right price…

I now offer:

Framed Photographic Prints


I am offering two frame styles and a choice of white/dark mount, or no mount. I chose these styles because I felt they fitted well with my photographs and wouldn’t overwhelm a purchaser with too many options. Other frames and styles are available on request. You can contact me for further details.

Framed print prices start at £59.99 and go up to £129.00 for a 30 inch mounted picture.

Regular photographic prints

Starting at £9.99 I offer regular photographic prints (C-Type) in sizes from 12 inches to 30 inches along the longest edge. There is an option of having these mounted on the highest quality 2mm thick card. You can display the 12 and 18 inch prints at this size with no need  to frame them. Larger prints will need some extra support.

Fine art Giclée prints

Printing using the giclée process offers more options and potentially longer longevity than regular photographic prints. I have chosen Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl (285gsm) paper, which matches well with my images. The cost of producing larger giclée prints is high, but my prices start from £24.99 for a 12 inch print up to £199.00 for a massive 60 inch print. Again, the prints can be supplied mounted on 2mm card.

Framed giclée prints are now available, in the same styles as regular prints.

Greetings cards

I now have a range of 15 Lake District greetings cards. I have produced them to the highest standards and are blank inside, allowing for a personalised message. They come with envelopes and cost £14.99 for a pack of 15. That’s less than £1.00 per card…

Canvas Wrap Prints

My canvas prints are not the ‘poor man’s choice’ but are of the highest quality:

With a range of sizes to choose from, the wrap features a satin laminate finish to offer the greatest protection and high tension stretching to maintain the structure of the canvas.

The Canvas Print Wrap is 40mm in depth, has a single square saw tooth fixing and felt pads on the back, meaning it will sit flush with definitive protection for any wall.

These prints are available from 12 inches to 60 inches in size (along the longest side) and look stunning.

Mailing list

I have started a newsletter and subscribers to it will get 10% off any orders made in the first month during subscription.

Subscribe to the list and get 10% off orders…

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Recommended software

Image Resizing

The best image resize program is Topaz A.I.Gigapixel

Image sharpening & noise reduction

Topaz A.I.Sharpen can not only sharpen images but correct slightly out of focus and blurred images.

Topaz A.I.Clear both sharpens and removes noise. It is the best noise reduction program around.

Photoshop and Lightroom Alternatives

Exposure X4 is the best alternative to Lightroom as far as image browsing and management goes. It is also a decent RAW converter and image editor.

Affinity Photo is the complete Photoshop replacement.

RAW Development

Skylum Luminar is a full featured RAW converter with a basic image browser. Its shadow recovery is the best in the business.

Photolemur is an automatic RAW converter, based on Luminar. Its results are very decent with facial detection and enhancement.

Photo Ninja is a purists RAW converter. It is not as fully featured as the others but it produces some of the best results, especially if you are prepared to build camera profiles.

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