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Framed Prints

I offer the following styles of print:

  • Framed Prints

    A complete, finished, product, ready to hang on your walls. Nothing adds more character to a room than stunning pictures.

    My framed prints feature an acrylic glaze to protect them.If you don't see a frame style that appeals to you, contact me and we will do a bespoke frame for you.

  • Photographic Prints

    Printed on FuEpsom lustre paper, using the C-Type process, these are high quality professional prints. I can supply them cardboard mounted, ready for framing.

  • Giclée Fine Art Prints

    Giclée fine art prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl (285gsm) paper. Classy looking. Long lasting and fade resistant.

  • Canvas Prints

    Ideal, contemporary wall decorations.

Lake District 2021 Calendar and Greetings Cards

Lake District 2021 Calendar

Featuring 12 of my favourite images, available as an A4 double page calendar and printed on high quality paper. Available now for £11.99 with free UK postage.

Sold Out! Please visit my Etsy Shop, where the few remaining calendars are being sold.

NEW! English Seascapes Calendar 2021

English Seascapes 2021 Calendar

New for 2020, I am offering 12 of my best loved seascapes as an A4 double page calendar. Available to preorder now, with shipping at the end of October, for the reduced price of £9.99 with free UK postage.

Sold Out! Please visit my Etsy Shop, where the few remaining calendars are being sold.

What's new

New for 2020!I now provide a complete photo editing service as well as Lightroom Presets, Mobile Lightroom presets, Photoshop Actions, Look Up Tables (LUTs) and more. Visit my Photo Enhancements and Presets page for more details.

I've just released a range of framed prints, regular prints and fine art giclee prints. I also do a range of Lake District greeting cards.


I sell the following products on this site:

  • NEW! Framed photographic prints
  • NEW! Framed giclee prints
  • Regular photographic prints, which can be mounted on cardboard ready for framing
  • Fine art giclee prints
  • Greetings cards of the Lake District

Decorate your Home with Lake District Images

Who is Andy?

I'm a landscape photographer, based in Reigate, Surrey. My speciality is landscape photography, particularly of the UK Lake District and coastal areas. I also enjoy macro photography and have been known to shoot the odd wedding as well.

I'm also an avid user of software and, in a past life, was a professional software analyst and developer. In the early 2000's I released one of the first Digital Asset Management systems for photographers and a RAW Image Converter that was, at the time, ahead of its time. Those tools no longer are produced (or needed) as large software companies with teams of developers now produce software of the highest quality. But at the time, my software was well received, scoring 87% in the UK's Amateur Photographer magazine, being beaten only by a software from some developer called Adobe. lol.

Now, on my blog, I spend time reviewing photo software, particularly specialist tools such as AI Gigapixel from Topaz Labs and Photo Ninja, which I think is, along with DXO Photo Lab, the top RAW Converter.

The Lake District

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@andys_fine_art_landscapes) will know that I take more photos of this area than any other. I've been going there all my life - my first memory of the Lakes was when I was 5 - we went to Bowness for a day. Now I travel up there as often as I can and have a range of images dating back to 2004.

My photographic style

I'm not one for only shooting at the golden hour. I mean, it's nice but I'm bored, really bored, of seeing images with ultra dramatic light and very little composition. I like to bring out the beauty of a scene as it stands, and so many pastoral scenes actually look better in more subdued light, where their natural aesthetic can be appreciated on its own merits.

My photographic hero is Charlie Waite, whose images always inspire me due to their sublime, often understated, beauty. He is the master of composition and of presenting scenes, ones that others would pass by, in such a way as to invite contemplation and awe. Of all my images, the one of Loughrigg Tarn gets closest to his style, although on Instagram comments described it as being like a Constable painting. Not a bad comparison!

Visit my blog to read reviews of photo software.


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