I offer archival quality C type prints. These are not inkjet prints, but are professionally produced photographic prints that will not fade.

Depending on the camera used to produce the image, prints are available in sizes up to 30 inches along the longest side.


Prints can be supplied mounted on card or foam board. Cardboard mounts are ready for framing. Foam board prints come with a hanging kit and can be hung immediately.

Laminate coating

Especially useful for foam board prints, the print can be supplied with a laminate coating that protects the print. A foam board laminate print is ready to be hung on a wall without all the fuss of framing it.

Inset framed print

A lightweight and glass-less contemporary framed print.

The wooden 2" deep frame is available in natural, black, mahogany or white and laminated with your choice of finish. The standard finish is Emery, with a Canvas texture also available.

Canvatex Print

Displaying canvas-printed photos has become very popular. They look 'arty' and less formal than a framed print. Whilst they are excellent for art, however, photographic details can be lost when printed onto canvas.

The solution is Canvatex - it's a proper photographic print that looks like it's been printed on canvas due to a special laminate placed over the print. It is then wrapped around a 20mm MDF frame and is ready for hanging.

It's the perfect blend of artistry and quality.

Mouse mat

All images can be supplied as a mouse mat. This is a true photographic print under an emery laminate, mounted onto high quality rubber base with round corners. An ideal gift.

Fridge magnets

All images can be supplied as fridge magnets. These are larger than your usual magnet, being 4 by 3 inches in size. Some cropping may be needed to make the image fit these dimensions.